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Weekend Warrior Customs is proud to offer a variety of services including:

  • Custom motorcycle parts and builds

  • Custom firearm accessories and attachments

  • Engineering and Design of custom parts to meet your needs

  • Cerakote ceramic coating (firearms, motorcycles, automotive, high-temp, etc.)

  • 3D-modeling to bring your ideas to life

  • 3D-printing 

  • CNC Plasma cut parts

If you have an idea or design that you would like to see come to life, contact us today to see how we can help.

We proudly 3D print all of our items in-house using high-quality material. 

Carbon Fiber Nylon - This is a favorite of ours. It is one of the more difficult materials to print with, but we've got it dialed in. It produces a smooth satin black finish and boasts some impressive mechanical and thermal properties. This is our primary material for firearm attachments.

ASA/ABS - You've probably heard of ABS. It's a commonly used plastic and for good reason. It's a great material for real-world applications and possesses excellent properties. We more commonly print with ASA, which is essentially the stronger big brother of ABS. 

TPU - This is a flexible rubber-like material. We mainly use this for gaskets and molds.

PLA - This material is great for items around the house, such as ornaments and cookie cutters. It has no place in even a mild environment. We occasionally use it for prototyping a new part because it is cheaper than our high-quality materials, but it has best earned its place in the trash can. We will never sell you anything made of PLA.

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