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Mount your pistol securely on your wall or any vertical surface. This sleek design allows for a quick mount and dismount of your pistol using a barrel mount design so you can stay loaded. Reinforced with a high-strength bolt through the shaft so you get all the strength you need. And the ASA plastic will not mark or scratch your barrel. 


Material: ASA


Mounting hardware included. We'll provide (2) 75-lb drywall anchors as well as (2) wood screws.


Please read our Safety and Installation Instructions.


Sale is for one (1) mount.

*NOTE: The "380 ACP" option has a shortened shaft length, so it is compatible with a Ruger 380 LCP and other short-barrel 9mm and 380 pistols.


We also offer this mount in a mirror-orientation so the pistol will face the opposite direction when the wording is horizontal.

Pistol Bore Mount

Color: black
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