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This is a one-of-a-kind custom mount that allows you to run a vertical license plate on your Indian FTR. We agree that the stock fender on the FTR needs to go. But we haven't found a decent aftermarket option out there that looks good. And we'd prefer one that doesn't make the cops to be suspicous. We've designed this mount to fit perfectly between the rear wheel and the stock Akropovic mufflers, while staying totally visible from behind. It may be small, but rest assured it is designed for strength and rigidity using 11-gauge steel. It can be used with the OEM license plate lighting as well.


We also offer relocating brackets for the OEM rear turn signals so you don't have to run new lighting or modify OEM wiring. These brackets are 3D printed using a Carbon Fiber infused Nylon material, which is super durable. The work with the OEM grab bars as well.


All mounting hardware is included. OEM wiring will need to be re-routed, but no modifications are necessary.


Note: This mount has not been tested with aftermarket exhausts, but we'll be happy to assist you in verifying fitup for your specific bike. Many aftermarket exhausts are smaller than the stock Akro's so clearance shouldnt be an issue.


*Remember to check your local and state laws regarding vertical license plates.


Proudly designed and made by us, Weekend Warrior Customs, in Pennsylvania, USA.

Indian FTR 1200 Vertical License Plate Mount - Tail Tidy