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AR15 5.56 PMAG base plates, 3-pack.

Choose from different colors. Options for Gen 2 or Gen 3 mags. If you're not sure which gen mag you have, reference the images above. The tan PMAG w/ the red base plate is a Gen M3 and the black w/ gold base plate is a Gen M2 (notice the differences in the shape of the base plates).

Use these for easy identification of different calibers (5.56, 300 BLK, etc.) or at the range to quickly identify which mags are yours.


3D printed with either ASA or ABS, which are both very durable materials. Printed as solid pieces (no hollow core) for added strength and durability. These are super tough floor plates that will hold up to some serious training.


Sold in packs of (3).


Contact us today for bulk orders / customization.

AR-15/M4 PMAG Base Plates - 3 Pack