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Mount your AR15 securely on your wall, under a table or anywhere you'd like to display (or conceal) it. 

This is a new version of our traditional wall mount with a built in PMAG holder. This design keeps the mag upright and allows for a quick dismount with the mag right where you need it. Every second counts if you're reaching for your AR so don't risk fumbling with an upside down mag holder.


Mag-release latch on both sides so the gun can be mounted in either direction. Can also be used with a cable lock. 


You won't find a stronger or better looking mount out there.


Material: ASA


Mounting hardware included. We'll provide (4) 75-lb drywall anchors as well as (4) wood screws.


Magazine mount compatible with a Gen M3 PMAG only. The Gen-3 PMAGs vary slightly from the Gen-2, so be sure to use a Gen-3.


*Magazine not included.

*Also available in AR-10 configuration.


Please read our Safety and Installation Instructions.

AR-15 Wall Mount w/ PMAG

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