These switches are the perfect option to complete your custom bike build without breaking the bank. We got sick of seeing switches for $100 a piece, so we designed these bad boys. They'll get the job done with the same quality and awesome sleek look at half the price. 

Choose from our 2-button or 3-button option. We typically run a 2-button on the right side bar (start/kill & right turn signal) and a 3-button switch on the left bar (left turn signal, horn, hi beam). The switches are momentary (non-latching) so it's best to use them with an M-unit or other micro-controller. Wire connection type is solder. Since these are momentary switches, they are usually used as ground switches to signal a controller (i.e. an M-unit), so wire size can be much smaller than your standard motorcycle wires. We typically use 22 gage TXL for most applications.


Designed and 3D-printed in-house at Weekend Warrior Customs. 



Material: Carbon Fiber Nylon

Switch type: Momentary

Wire connection type: Solder

Waterproof: IP65

M4 stainless hardware included


Sold individually. 


Please do not solder the switches while they are in the switch bodies. You'll risk melting the plastic.


Please read our Safety and Installation Instructions.

Universal handlebar switch

Button Color